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PATA Personality of the Year

The ‘PATA Personality of the year’ is given to individuals who have consistently contributed to the association and/or has played an important and crucial role in promoting Nepali Tourism sector over an extended period.  Divider


“PATA Personality of the Year 2017” awarded to Mr. Karna Sakya, a well-known tourism veteran and an ICON of Positive thought in Nepal.

Brief Highlights on Mr. Karna Sakya

  • Started Career as a Wildlife Officer in the Sixties
  • A diverse range of involvement in the field of Wildlife, Ecology and Nature Conversation.
  • Served various Positions as Board Member or the part of management team including world-renowned organizations like WWF, King Mahendra Trust.
  • Enormous engagement in the field of Cancer relief and Prevention during his lifetime.
  • Founder of Nepal Heritage Society, several works in the field of Culture and Heritage Preservation.
  • He says, accidentally entered into Tourism and started a Hotel in Thamel, that changed entire Thamel to what it is now, a destination by itself in the world Tourism Map.
  • A veteran Figure of Nepalese Tourism and the Coordinator of Visit Nepal Year 1998.
  • Founder of some Best Boutique Hotels in the recent days.
  • A man filled with Energy, thrill, attitude and an inspiration to hope.
  • A man full of Positive Energy, passionate to help the Young generation by transforming Positive Thoughts.
  • Numerous Books and Publications to his Credit.
  • Founder of Kathmandu Guest House, Park Village Resort, Buddha Maya Garden, Maruni Sanctuary Lodge, Maya Manor, Water Front Resort, Himalayan Front Resort.
  • An Icon of Positive Thoughts in Nepal. His works in the field of Positive Thoughts and hope have been a subject of relevance and a “must take” recipe to Youths today in conjunction to PATA Nepal Chapter’s campaign to build a better Next Generation/ Young Tourism Professionals.


    “PATA Personality of the Year 2016” awarded to Mr. Megh Ale, Managing Director-The Borderlands Resort Hotel for his consistent social activism and contribution to  Nepalese tourism; who is popularly also known as an Ashoka Fellow, River Guide, Explorer, River conservationist/campaigner, social entrepreneur and founder director of Adventure Company.




    PATA Personality of the Year 2015 awarded to Mr. Manohar SJB Rana, CEO of Yeti Travels Pvt Ltd for his honest, integral and consistent service to the Nepalese Tourism Industry.


    PATA Personality of the Year 2014 awarded to Mrs Natasha Shrestha, Managing Director-Avia Club Nepal for her indefatigable effort and her tenacious mission to establish Air Sports in Nepal.