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PATA Nepal Chapter, in line with the spirit of PATA has ever since its inception in 1975, pursued a leading role in galvanizing the united strength of its membership in the promotion and publicity of tourism in Nepal, thereby serving its members in a distinctive manner. Then onwards it has gained momentum and continues to march ahead in full steam towards furthering the aims and objectives for the overall benefit of its members.

The Chapter’s activities span over a very wide range encompassing all aspects of tourism promotion, publicity and marketing. Over the years, PATA Nepal Chapter has proven itself by undertaking various joint promotional campaigns. PATA Nepal Chapter has organized and participated in various international trade seminars, travel marts, industry dialogues and conferences. PATA Nepal Chapter works closely with PATA Head office and other PATA Chapter network for scholarship schemes, educational courses, familiarization tours and PATA Foundation Grant and many more.

PATA Nepal Chapter has geared and substantiated its publicity efforts by production of a high quality Tourism film entitled “Nepal – Where the legends Live” and “Nepal – Beyond the Mountains”. These films have been distributed and sold worldwide, for the benefit of tour operators as well as tourists planning on a visit to legendary Nepal.
Realizing that Tourism and Heritage are interdependent, PATA Nepal Chapter has proved to be an alert guiding force in bringing about heritage awareness in the country vis a vis tourism promotion. It has been instrumental in the formation of the Nepal Heritage Society, its brainchild, which was founded in June 1983.

PATA Nepal Chapter taking note of the important role played by Adventure Tourism in the present day context, initiated PATA’s involvement in this aspect of tourism and is credited to have been the first to convene the 1st PATA Adventure Travel Conference and Mart in Kathmandu in January 1989 which has since then been calendared as a yearly PATA event. Since then, Nepal has successfully hosted the second, eighth and the twelfth PATA Adventure Travel & Ecotourism Conference and Mart in the year 1990, 1996 and 2000 respectively in Nepal. In recognition of the Chapters leadership role and active involvement in the promotion and marketing activities together with its unique composition of membership represented by all segments of the tourism trade, His Majesty’s Government of Nepal had, from 1991 appointed and entrusted PATA Nepal Chapter to be the Coordinator between the Government and the Private Sector and thereby handle and implement all joint promotional participation in the tourism shows, marts, travel fairs and other international tourism related events till the inception of the Nepal Tourism Board.

The above has offered an opportunity for closer co-operation between the Government and the private sector, a bridge that PATA activities have built for Nepal.

Nepal’s successful performance in PATA activities has resulted in the increasing representation of many of its distinguished members in PATA’s various governing and decision making bodies.

PATA Nepal Chapter, in its performance has generated many innovative and novel ideas attributing many firsts to its credit. Lauding its overall performance for furthering the aims and objectives of PATA, its leadership in the travel industry and its ongoing Chapter programmes and activities, PATA Nepal Chapter has been the recipient of several prestigiousPATA Awards in various categories, culminating in the coveted PATA Awards of Excellence during the PATA 92 Annual Conference in Hong Kong.

PATA Nepal Chapter is the only organization in the travel industry with a membership spanning across industry sectors, government and private firms alike. PATA Nepal Chapter has a vision to serve and further enhance greater contribution and commitment for the growth and prosperity of our entire country.