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PATA Nepal Chapter receives PATA Next. Gen Engagement Award for the 2nd time on the trot!

PATA Nepal Chapter received the PATA Next Gen. Engagement Award for the 2nd time on the trot in recognition of its efforts and engagement with the Next. Gens of Nepal’s tourism industry.

Mr. Bibhuti Chand Thakur, General Secretary of PATA Nepal Chapter received the award during the PATA Board Dinner and Chapter Awards Presentation on 15th September. This Next Gen. Engagement Award is one of the prestigious acknowledgements by PATA to the Chapter that shows great dedication and contribution in engaging with the NextGen, to promote tourism industry among the young tourism professionals (YTPs). Mr. Thakur expressed his thanks to all the young tourism professionals of Nepal for their continued efforts, dedication and invaluable support in carrying the mission of PATA for the sustainable development of tourism. He emphasized on the necessity of engaging youth for the responsible tourism development.

Mr. Suresh Singh Budal, CEO of PATA Nepal Chapter expressed that receiving the Best PATA Chapter Award on the “Next Gen. Engagement” category is a matter of pride for Nepal Chapter. Addressing at the PATA Chapters Colloquium, he presented the PNC’s efforts and initiatives in engaging the YTPs and affirmed that PNC’s achievements over the last three years were not possible without the involvement and support of its young tourism professionals. He added, “Our commitment and emphasis on engaging YTPs will continue forever in respect of our responsibility of maintaining the long-term sustainability of tourism industry of Nepal.”

NTB sponsored Buyer Lounge to promote Visit Nepal Year 2020 in a massive way. More than 200 buyers attended the lounge for business meeting and enquired about ongoing promotion campaigns that Nepal is organizing.


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