PATA Career Center

PATA Career Center

PATA Career Center is a digital platform by the PATA Nepal Chapter to facilitate the appropriate carrier opportunities for its Young Tourism Professionals(YTPs) among its diverse member organizations. PATA Career Center further aims to:

  • Retaining Young Tourism Professionals (YTPs) within the country and Redefining Brain-Drain into “Brain-Gain” by facilitating the appropriate carrier opportunities for its Young Tourism Professionals among its member organizations.
  • Benefiting the PATA Nepal member organizations seeking for Trainees and Staff with Hospitality and Tourism education background.
  • Bridging the Professional Human Capital Gap between the Demand and Supply chain within the PATA Nepal Chapter community. [PATA Nepal Membership embraces a wide spectrum of tourism businesses comprising of Hotels, Resorts, Travel Agencies, Trekking Agencies, Adventure Operators, Airline Operators, and other alike secondary industry organizations that seek professional human capital in their operations. On the other hand, Tourism and Hospitality Education Institutions and Colleges are also valuable entities of PATA Nepal Membership that produce Human Capital for the industry. Therefore, it presents a unique opportunity of benefiting our member organizations and YTPs from member colleges and institutions.]

We, hereby request and Invite,

Member Organizations (Employers): Post your Job/Internship Requirement

Students/ YTPs from Member Colleges: Find Your Career Opportunities

For more inquiries, please feel free to contact us or Email us at [email protected]