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PATA-School of Hospitality | PATA Nepal Chapter

PATA-School of Hospitality

PATA-School of Hospitality

About PATA School of Hospitality

PATA Nepal Chapter- School of Hospitality is a Human Capacity Building Training and Certification Program comprising a series of practical and integrated training approaches involving leading Tourism and Hospitality Institutions, Industry practitioners, and Young Tourism Professionals at PATA Nepal Chapter.

The program offers a precise and interactive curriculum of short-term duration ranging from a Full day training to week(s) long training workshop; such educational program aims to build, upgrade and strengthen the Human Capitals engaged in and around the existing as well as emerging tourism destinations in Nepal. 

PATA School of Hospitality primarily focuses on training and orientation programs to the individuals engaged at the operational level of the service including Hotel staffs, Travel agents, Airlines staffs, Guides, Taxi driver, Immigration officers, police, and other personnel who interact directly with the tourists. The school shall encourage to foster and promote the  Responsible and Sustainable Tourism in Nepal.  

PATA School of Hospitality encapsulates a wide span of subjects and social awareness campaigns to educate and empower the stakeholders at different levels (Public, NTO, Private and Local levels) in achieving the following envisaged objectives:   

  • Upgrading and enhancing the existing knowledge, skill, and most essentially the attitude required as a hospitality professional.
  • Building skilled, qualified and sustainable employees and executives for an establishment.
  • Maintaining consistency in quality and standards of tourism products and services in view of business profitability.
  • Strengthening the spirit of Nepalese Hospitality- “Atithi Devo Bhava” (Guest is God).
  • Encouraging stakeholders for Responsible and Sustainable.
  • Exchanging knowledge through intensive interactions at the peer level.
  • Supporting Image Building of the destination/ country.