Webinar On "Expecting Unexpected: Post COVID-19 Tourism & The Human Capital!"

Mark your calendar "LIVE Webinar with Global Tourism and Hospitality Educators and Thought Leaders!"

The global outbreak of COVID-19 has brought disruption and unprecedented challenges for human resources, putting about 75 million jobs at risk in the travel and tourism industry globally. With the looming uncertainties on its prevention and complete resolve, this devastating pandemic has created feelings of fear, confusion, and anxiety among all stakeholders in the tourism and hospitality industry sector.

PATA Nepal Chapter, as part of its Human Capital Development mission, is organizing this webinar on "Expecting The Unexpected: Post COVID-19 Tourism & the Human Capital!" to discuss the present and future dynamics of human resources, the measures to retain skilled human resources, and sharing the emerging opportunities and inspiration for the employers, hospitality educators, employees, and young tourism professionals on how we should boost up the overall morale, embrace the unexpected changes, remain positive and productive and move forward with the new challenges for a better tomorrow!

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